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LAST November US voters did the unthinkable. Knowingly and willingly, they voted for a President they believed to be dishonest, untruthful and untrustworthy. Exit polls (surveys taken after balloting) disclosed that a decisive 53% of voters regarded Clinton as "unprincipled, deceitful and a liar." Yet they give him a second term in the White House, regardless.

They ignored malfeasance, effectively endorsed infanticide and high taxes, dismissed infidelity and satyriasis (excessive male sexual desire), cover-ups, perjuries, obstruction of justice, mysterious deaths and "suicides." Freely and without coercion, they voted for a Vietnam War draft dodger, a man who himself evaded military service, yet who led a crusade to force young women into the front lines of military combat.

At a time when the world really does seem to be coming apart at the seams, they put into the White House an amoral, rogue President. There were no excuses. The electorate was not gulled. They knew the score. They voted for Clinton, anyway. As R Emmett Tyrrell writes in his new book, Boy Clinton: The Political Biography, those votes ran counter to all rules of evidence, normal human experience, all known theories of history.

You just can't under-estimate public stupidity. As Larry Abraham wrote in his Insider Report: "If a majority of the American people will knowingly cast their ballots for a man and his wife, whom they know to be liars, cheats and thieves, what does that tell you about America? About the quality and character of the American people themselves?"

Chances are, though, that we are all about to find out that character does count, after all. If there are any ethics left in America, then Clinton rests uneasily in what could all too soon prove a pyrrhic victory. His White House could still come crashing down. As though there weren't enough scandals to go around already, Clinton and his Democratic Party are now snared in still more charges, potentially the most damaging in all US political history. This is "Indogate": shady party fund-raising practices; the buying by highly suspect Asian interests of the 1996 US Presidential election; above all, how big bucks from these same Asian sources have been used to buy and influence US foreign policy. Please read on.

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