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I am running out of time on this issue, so must keep this brief. First, a big personal thank you to all those kind people who sent condolences on the death of my poor sister. Next, it is essential that I thank a very dear friend, Keith Keeley, of the Isle of Wight, a man who has helped me out so many times before, for a bank transfer of R7 000 into the account of Mission Rescue. This, together with a number of SA cheques, is a huge boost for an increasingly desperate cause.

We are doing all we possibly can to help distressed Afrikaner children, perhaps the most tragic victims of the escalating SA disaster. We are deeply, deeply grateful to those who bring us clothing and food. Food really is our big problem. Prices have risen sharply - and many of the families we try to help have nowhere else to turn for assistance. All the charities, all the welfare organisations, all the churches are under supreme pressure as State subsidies for White dependants are slashed, and slashed again.

Perhaps the worst thing that happened to SA was when the former government took over responsibility for welfare work. It meant, as we now know, that when State finances dry up, so do the subsidies so urgently needed. It left a big gap in our social protection. Too many South Africans became accustomed to regarding welfare as a government responsibility rather than that of the community.

Now we must overcome this - make people realise that they are responsible for their own communities. We here are overwhelmed in the struggle to help children - but what is happening in the formerly White old age homes? That, too, is part of a tragedy which could, as affirmative action and other lay-offs increase, equal if not exceed the suffering of the Great Depression. We are not empowered to ask for financial support, and in this climate are hesitant to do so, but should you wish to help, please make your cheques out to Mission Rescue, Volkskas Bank, Northcliff, account number 0738175165. Thank you on behalf of the little ones again.

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