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ALLAN Boesak's return to face 21 charges of fraud and theft of more than R1 million is to be welcomed. But his welcome, however enthusiastic, ought not to compromise the already frighteningly shaky foundations of SA justice. That's what looks like happening following the emotionally highly charged reception Boesak received from his old comrades, many now powerful national executives, on his arrival in Cape Town from his foreign asylum.

To have the Minister of Justice, no less, rooting for you from the gallery in a criminal trial from which penalties, including a jail sentence, might well flow, is more than a consolation. It's like being dealt a royal flush in a hand of poker. Perhaps that's why Boesak took the risk of coming back. He has the judge already in a half-Nelson, so to speak.

Next to some of the crimes committed by the communist-inspired ANC during its terror campaign against SA's Black population, Boesak's alleged transgressions admittedly pale into relative insignificance. Morally, we suppose, lending a hand to the grim reaper in helping to starve a few children to death by enriching yourself at their expense is trivial by comparison with the infinitely more entertaining method of torching your critics, or disposing of unwanted embryos by suction.

But, tactically, Boesak and the ANC have committed a far more grievous offence in the eyes of Avarice: they have alerted watchful and hypercritical international philanthropists to the greed and inordinate selfishness of the new ruling caste in SA. Because of Boesak and his cronies - most of them, of course, un- or under-exposed - the overfed of Europe will in future most likely re-direct their generosity away from SA.

But surely it is only Boesak who would be conceited enough to believe that the good Lord actively connived in his peccadilloes? Perhaps Boesak, once restored to his comfortable and self-indulgent life-style, will pray for the little ones. After all, that's his job.

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