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AFRIKANERS, perhaps above all peoples in the world, should understand the power of propaganda. In the SA War Britain, the aggressor, was projected and seen as the knight in shining armour, fighting for all that was noble and right, enthusiastically supported by troop contingents from Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Few, today, think that. They recognise that the Boer War was fought on behalf of Big Finance, that Chamberlain, Rhodes and Milner couldn't have given a tinker's damn about votes for the uitlanders, but were very concerned indeed about control of SA's gold and diamonds.

In 1907 the US historian Henry Brooks Adams wrote that "practical politics consists in ignoring facts." Much the same can be said of a great deal of the SA media today. The arrival of Mr Tony O'Reilly, with his purchase of the Argus Newspapers and his unequivocal support of African Marxist/Socialism, has truly added an Orwellian note to much of the SA press. In Orwell's dystopia, all political facts were manufactured at the offices of Newspeak, the Department of Disinformation. Not a few SA editors seem to bend over backwards in their efforts to emulate Newspeak.

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