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ONE blatant example of the distortions that have shown up in the TRC, and in the SABC presentation of evidence, came recently when there was some discussion on Operation Vula. This, you may recall, was a clandestine plan by the SACP in 1990 to take advantage of its new legal status to mount an armed national uprising. Recovered computer printouts detailed a top secret SACP meeting in Natal. Here those involved argued that they were "not bound by any ceasefire negotiations between the ANC leadership and the NP government."

A "Comrade Vally," later identified as Valli Moosa, a member of the Indian cabal in the ANC Cabinet, was quoted as saying that the SACP could "take full advantage of the space created by the retreat of the enemy." At the very least the conspiracy showed extremely bad faith on the part of the SACP. It came very close to torpedoing the whole negotiating process. But, studying the TRC evidence as presented on TV, you would have been entitled to conclude that it was just a bunch of ferocious Afrikaner police, loose cannons all, out to gun down innocent bystanders. If the SACP was guilty of bad faith, so too are the TRC and the SABC.

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