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WE acknowledge, with the deepest gratitude, a wide variety of gifts for Mission Rescue, our effort to help distressed Afrikaner kiddies, mostly children of parents displaced from their jobs by affirmative action, and all learning the terrible tyranny of poverty. We are especially grateful to our old friend, Ronald Clarke, of the Australian New Covenant Peoples' Fellowship, who has sent us another R500. We have also received varying amounts from well-wishers in the UK and US. A friend in Montana Park here sent us R500: there have been many more. We have also received good quantities of clothing: some of it, sadly, from friends who have joined the long march out of SA.

An Austrian friend brought clothing and children's books, the latter going to a school library in a particularly depressed area. All is so desperately needed. The number of tough-luck White kiddies grows by the day, this at a time when all charities are buckling under the flood of demands. God alone knows what is happening in the White old age homes. It worries me sick - not that we here can do much about that problem. Should you wish to contribute funds towards the feeding schemes, we must ask you again not to make your cheques out to APN, but direct them to Mission Rescue, Volkskas Bank, Northcliff, account no 07381 75 166. Thank you and God bless you all.

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