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WHAT is happening in the UK today is the culmination of a 35-year old conspiracy against the British people: a smash-up waiting to happen. This began with the famously undistinguished Edward Heath - "Ted the Traitor" as the tabloids later baptised him. Heath was primarily responsible for taking Britain into the early European Economic Community (EEC) and for identifying the Tory party so strongly with Europe.

A defeatist and closet socialist, Heath believed that Britain needed something to get her going again. He felt that she could not do it by herself; that without Europe she would remain insignificant in Western affairs. Though always loudly protesting the virtues of democracy, there was nothing democratic in the way he eased the UK into Europe. The people had nothing to do with it.

He deliberately and wilfully deceived them about the Common Market. He swore it was a purely trade association, an attempt to form a gigantic free trade area leading towards a family of sovereign states, cooperating freely and vigorously on a range of mutually advantageous issues. In short, a United States of Western Europe, what De Gaulle termed the union des Patries.

An official Tory White Paper on Britain's entry into the European Community stated categorically: "There is no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty." It was all moonshine, of course. Heath lied through his teeth.

He knew exactly - because he had already been given the facts - that what was under way was an ambitious scheme of political amalgamation on socialist lines. His informant was none less than the father of Euro-union, the French socialist, Jean Monnet, who believed that Europe should become a federal superstate into which all its ancient states should be fused - "fused" being his word.

Monnet's plan of action was just as clear. He believed that Europe's nations should be guided towards the suprastate without their peoples ever understanding what was afoot. Public debate, he maintained, would be "counter-productive." Monnet confided this whole programme to Heath on May 6, 1970.

Enoch Powell, an implacable enemy of European integration, warned from the word go that when the Euro-planners talked of "a family of nation states," surrender of national sovereignty was what they had in mind. No one heeded. Powell eventually left the Conservative Party because it not only ignored but also derided his warnings.

In 1973 the UK formally joined the EEC. Two years later a referendum was called "to allow the people themselves to decide whether they want to remain members." Half-truths, misrepresentation, scare tactics and outright lies on a massive scale brought in a Yes vote. So long as Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister there was no chance of Britain joining a Federal Europe against the will of the people. For that stand, she was eventually politically assassinated.

Whatever he may or may not believe now, the fact remains that John Major himself had no principled objection to a monetary union. People forget that he was part of a group of young professional politicians among whom Euro-unionism was an act of faith: and essential for advancement in a party led at the time by Heath.

Many of Major's closest colleagues are Heathite retreads, such as Heseltine, Gummer and, above all, Chancellor of the Exchequer Kenneth Clarke. Clarke is on recent record as expressing no quarrel with Westminster becoming "a local council chamber of Europe." When Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind publicly stated that membership of the EMU would be "a disaster" for Britain, Clarke equally publicly challenged him. It is not coincidental that Clarke has attended meetings of the powerful, NWO-promoting Bilderberger Group. Nor should it be forgotten that Major's own elevation to Prime Minister in 1990 was the result of a conspiracy by these men.

Supporting them are older Tory grandees such as Heath himself, still an MP, Douglas Hurd, Lord Carrington, Lord Whitelaw, Lord Howe and Sir Leon Brittan. Like Burgess, Philby, Maclean and the Cambridge "apostles," these men have continued to exercise a malign influence over British public policy out of all proportion to their numbers.

Theirs is a record of capitulation, moral cowardice and freedom from principles: men who have lost any conception of what their own country's real national interests entail. What is manifestly apparent is the total dearth of any substantial political-cum-statecraft leadership in Britain today. A global phenomenon only too obvious in SA itself.

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